Dj Trond

Trond was born in Oslo in 1979, growing up in Oslo with music and movies as his passion, he fell in love with music through listening to his parent`s record collection, and visited his father at one of the greatest nightclubs in scandinavia in the 80`s.

His taste were greatly influenced by his family and the sound of ‘The doors’ and alot of the other good bands for many many years, but Trond wasn’t aware of electronic music until early 1990`s, when he started to Dj local youth clubs around him, and the years went by, he started to grow on the highway of electronica, he became friends with Djs all over, many have influenced him when he grew and thought giving up, he was now in love with the music genre “electronica” 4 life.

As the years passed, the allmost grown-up boy mixing hours and hours of mixtapes for his friends and fans all over the world refusing himself mixing any style, you never know where his journey will take you.

Today, Trond has been Dj`ing for more then a decade and now he was looking for something better to do with his tallent, he began to formulate his own taste for the electronic genre, and have remixed a lot of classix track as Gouryella, Kraftwerk, Tiesto, Signum and Junior Jack for fun on the floor, and have just started to make his own style of music, so stay tuned ..